Traditional theatre? It’s behind you

its behind you

Theatre makers do it differently.

Theatre maker (noun): A creator of live performance, sometimes across art forms and, often, challenging established theatre formats.

Theatre makers are changing the landscape and shaking up the standard practices of a known kind of venue theatre, bringing hidden lived experiences into view and onto stages.

Recent work from theatre maker Bryony Kimmings confronted mental illness and cancer and has inspired a new wave of voices who craft performance from biographical material, challenging the ‘sit back and watch’ status quo and the sometimes distancing effect of the established form.


Fake it til you make it- Bryony Kimmings

Theatre makers also include devisers and devising companies like Told By An Idiot, bringing a distinct physical style to stories which pack a punch.


paul hunter
Paul Hunter and Told By An Idiot

And increasingly actors with learning disabilities who want and are able to make build and manage their own theatre projects are theatre makers. Mind the Gap has supported the theatre making of playwright Daniel Foulds and actor Alan Clay.


alan clay
Alan Clay- Skip Rap

The Silent Approach offers theatre makers a window into a different way of working and creating.

Separate Doors is hosting a day long master class specific to artists who are theatre makers at the Lawrence Batley theatre in February with project allies Dark Horse.

We’ll be working with an ensemble of actors with and without learning disabilities, exploring non-verbal ensemble building exercises, story-building and performance style.

At the end of the day there’ll be a forum to look at the different ways we all work and the applications and the change that’s possible when words are left out of the equation and this kind of revolutionary inclusive practice becomes part of everyone’s toolkit.

Get in touch and be a part of Separate Doors…





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