A credo for human being led theatre

Dusk by Daniel Graves

Theatre companies are led by disabled people, black people, people with mental health issues, cis and transgender people, older people, people with all kinds of sexualities and people with intersectional identities.

All of these people are human beings, making theatre for audiences comprised of other human beings.

The universals of human life, pain, love, death, work, conflict, desire and creativity are experienced by us all.

So how about human being led theatre?


amana daniel graves
Amana by Daniel Graves


Heres an idea of how it could be…

No two people must look or sound similar, have a similar history or political stance.

Failure is prized.

Difference is sought after.

Risks are taken.


Daniel Graves Tutt'Art@ (23) 2
Portrait of old man by Daniel Graves

Age is valued.

New talent is developed.

Contradiction, disagreement and debate is  encouraged.

All reasonable needs are met to enable all to work.


Brazilian by Daniel Graves


The criteria for leadership is the ability to lead, the ability to inspire those being led and the ability to serve an audience.

Roles are allocated according to suitability and skill.

Excellence and quality in artistic work is an expectation for artists and a right for audiences.


Explorer by Daniel Graves


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