A world without difference


In a world without difference the following will apply…

  1. All babies will reach the same stage of development at the same time.  All babies will say their first words at the same time, eat the same food as every other baby and experience the same experiences.
  2. All children will exist within set intelligence parameters and all bodies will be more or less uniform with small fluctuations in height and weight.  
  3. All teenagers will listen to the same music, experiment with the same drugs, have sex with the same category of partner, get angry at the same things, wear the same clothes and take and pass and fail the same exams.
  4. All adults will look more or less the same and have the same relationships with the same people as everyone else.
  5. All workers will do the same jobs in the same way.
  6. All holidays will be the same as the last holiday and the next holiday and be in the same place.
  7. All language and accents and sentences will have the same structure and sound.
  8. All plays books films and pieces of music will be the same.
  9. All roads and houses and cars and items of clothing and wallpaper and objects will be identical to other roads houses cars and items of clothing and wallpaper and objects.
  10. All opinions about everything will be exactly the same.

There will be no…

Creativity, spontaneity, wonder, questioning, challenge, joy, debate, interest, comedy, knowledge, uniqueness, learning, progress or









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